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About us

DAZI law firm intends to contribute to the transformation of society by apprehending competition law as a protean, evolving, powerful and impactful tool that may improve the functioning of markets and our contemporary society. 

Based on 15 years of experience acquired by its founder mainly within international firms alongside companies of all sizes in large-scale and high profile competition cases (mergers, anti-competitive and restrictive practices, state aid), DAZI mobilizes competition law in all its strategic dimensions - offensive and defensive, in both advisory and litigation matters, in its political and geopolitical dimension when the issues involve international stakes, handled in association with lawyers who share the same concern for excellence and rigor as well as the same objectives of a more global societal impact.

Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi - Founding Partner of the firm - has been leading major battles in France and the United States on behalf of online content and services publishers, in particular the French press (GESTE, Le Figaro and L'Equipe) against the excessive restrictions imposed by Apple in its App Store (ATT and App Store) and on behalf of the French Ad Tech ecosystem (Alliance Digitale IAB France, MMAF as well as SRI and UDECAM). She advises publishers in the context of the implementation of neighboring rights (ConcurrenceMediarama, Dalloz), companies in actions for compensation for competitive damages, in their complex contractual negotiations and in litigation or pre-litigation, particularly with digital platforms.

In the area of mergers, the firm acts in a wide variety of transactions on behalf of institutional players, investment funds and companies, particularly in the real estate, financial, recycling, food distribution and social housing sectors. In the area of EU state aid, the firm advises and litigates and has notably obtained the modification of discriminatory tax rules to the detriment of French research and innovation companies (CGI).

Designated as a Non-Governmental Expert by the French Competition Authority since 2019 within the International Competition Network, Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi is a regular speaker at international conferences, parliamentary committee hearings, moderates conferences and regularly publishes articles in leading specialized journals (see Contributions). Since 2022, Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi also teaches competition law in an MBA program at ESG and in L3 at Elije Law School. 


Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi is Founding Partner and specializes in European Antitrust and Competition law. She assists and represents for more than ten years a wide variety of companies in the three areas of competition law i.e. antitrust, merger control and State aid. Her practice being multisectoral by essence, she notably developed a strong expertise in IT, financial and insurance services, media and energy. Fayrouze is also involved in several trade organizations of innovative enterprises notably in the Media, Ad Tech and biotechnology sectors. She is a regular contributor of competition law reviews and speaker at conferences. She is Non-Governmental Advisor to the International Competition Network, by appointment of the French Competition Authority since 2019.

She is a member of the Paris Bar, graduated from a double diploma Paris II Assas / Belgrano – Argentina (Abogacia) and has attended King’s College London courses on Economics for competition law.








Recents articles

Interview par Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi de Fabien Curto Millet, in Concurrences – Mai 2021

Dictionnaire Permanent droit européen des affaires – Mai 2021


Mediarama invite Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi – Mai 2022

Antitrust code by Revue Concurrences
(en anglaise uniquement) – Juillet 2021

Antitrust code by Revue Concurrences
(en anglaise uniquement) – Mai 2021

(Podcast) – IGF, suite à la publication du rapport sur la publicité en ligne (2020)


Audition par la Commission Frouin sur l’applicabilité du droit de la concurrence aux travailleurs indépendants des plateformes dans le cadre du rapport (2020)

Audition par l’Inspection Générale des Finances dans le cadre des travaux ayant conduit au rapport sur la publicité en ligne : pour un marché à armes égales (2020)


Panel 1 – VBER in The Digital Era: Which Consequences for the Platform Economy? – Evènement Concurrences – Modération Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi, Invités K. Christodoulou (DG COMP), I. Luc (VP Autorité de la concurrence), E. Alix (L’Equipe), S. Frank (Axel Springer).

Market definition in digital markets
– Intervention Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi

Modération Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi - Invites Andrea Pezzoli (Italian competition Authority, Juliette Caminade (Analysis Group), Oliver Bethell (Google).

Régulation des big techs – Intervention et contribution au livre blanc.

Evènement Concurrences – Modération Fayrouze Masmi-Dazi, invités Y. Gutman (Autorité de la concurrence), M. Walker (UK Competition and market authority), D. Fasquelle (député), C. Calcagno (Analysis Group)


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